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Faceit level vs MM rank

I recently noticed that now that we play MM on LEM level, we tend to get some Faceit level 10 players as enemies. I thought we would not have a chance to beat anyone above approximately level 7, but it turns out that I underestimated how good we (level 2-5 and not playing a lot of Faceit) actually are.

I thought this was interesting and made a little spreadsheet to see how many high-level enemies and teammates we get and how good they actually are. Furthermore, I used their HLTV rating (calculated by Leetify) to benchmark performance and compared it to Faceit level and MM rank.

Unfortunately, it is a huge effort to find all the Faceit profiles, since I had to check all of them separately using faceitfinder.com. For that reason, I only analyzed my most recent eleven matches, which means I've got eleven sets of match results and 110 player sets. I will analyze more matches in the future because I think we'd need at least 100-1000 matches to have player data which is remotely conclusive.

In my eleven matches and 110 player datasets, of which five were without Faceit level, I already saw a trend, that higher rank and level players In these games actually performed better and this comparison is similar in MM and Faceit games.

See the spreadsheet here

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